Welcome To The The Realm Of Mendoza:Edit

A minecraft world split between the two rulers. Mendoza the ruler of light and all that is good and Abaddon the ruler of the dark and all that is evil. You can choose who to follow but consequences await your every decision.

The History Behind The Realm:Edit

The Realm Of Mendoza

In the beginning there was the father, Creator of everything from the far deserts to the snowy mountains. He had two sons the eldest being Mendoza and the youngest Abaddon. The father praised his eldest son (Mendoza) for his loyalty and good of heart. As for Abaddon living in his brothers shadow was to much for him so he despised his father and Mendoza. Since the realm needed a name the father chose the eldest and the wiser of the two Mendoza. After hearing the news Abaddon was filled with rage armed with his diamond sword he struck at Mendoza leaving a deep wound that would scar him for the rest of his days. When the father found out he was furious and vanquished Abaddon to the deepest depths of the nether. Their Abaddon felt in control so he declared himself the ruler of darkness. It wasn't long before the creatures of the nether bowed to his every move and command. Meanwhile the father had offically made Mendoza the ruler of the realm and all the villagers and animals would bow to him. But one day Abaddon was able to open the gates to the realm and let the dead walk at night. Mendoza's villages started to get attacked and villagers started being killed Mendoza new he had to do something so he summond three of the bravest warriors two take down Abaddon known as the disciples of Mendoza. To this day they fight by his side in hopes of putting an end to the ruler of darkness Abaddon.

Recent Activity:Edit

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